Please look through our available classes, check the class schedule, and read our policies before registering your student for Compass Prep.


After you submit your registration form:

1. We will check over the classes that you are registering for to make sure there is still room in the class.

2. You will receive an email with your registration approval.

3. You will need to pay the $100 Compass Prep non-refundable registration fee via PayPal (through the payment page on this website) or by check.

Please thoughtfully consider your choices before you register and select only those classes you intend your student to take. You are making a yearly commitment to Compass Prep and the teachers with your paid registration. Our classes have enrollment minimums that are determined by each teacher. This is the lowest number of students the teacher can have to offer the class. Dropping classes after registration is highly discouraged. It can cause a class to drop below that minimum enrollment level and put it at risk of canceling for the other students enrolled. However, you may add classes at any time, space permitting.

As a courtesy, we split tuition payments into two payments.  The first payment is due August 1, and the second payment is due December 1.  Late payments may be subject to a late fee.

Registration for 2018-2019


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